Webcam Photobooth  v.1 3

A webcam version of our acclaimed photo booth software used by professional event photographers around the world. All you need to run a fully automatic photo booth using Webcam Photobooth is a standard webcam, a Windows computer and a printer.

Hotfolder Prints  v.1 1

A flexible hot folder printing utility for event photographers and photobooth operators Hotfolder Prints monitors a folder for new images and automatically formats them into a page which it prints or saves as a JPEG image.


SnapFX  v.

SnapFX is an app similar to Photobooth which allows you to apply different camera effects to your photos in real time. Integration with Photos hub Take photos with the camera hardware button Support for Fast resume Secondary tiles for pinning

Image-Puzzle  v.2.1

iSightComic is a screensaver which shows photobooth-like iSight animations full screen.

DotMatrix  v.1.6

DotMatrix turns your Mac with built in iSight (or other webcam) into an amazing real-time PopArt/OpArt instant camera.

GrabberRaster  v.1.004

GrabberRaster is a new take on an old idea: making screen "grabs" more efficient.

AsSceneOnTV  v.1.003

AsSceneOnTV makes it a snap to capture still frames from any DVD.

CatEye  v.1.000

Three sets of eight video effects for Leopard's iChat and Photo Booth.

BlackenedPixels  v.1.003

BlackenedPixels provides the missing link between full monitor sleep and a black screensaver (which leaves the monitors powered on and radiating light and heat - check it out in a dark room).

Pyhotobooth  v.0.7

Webcam viewer/capture program similar to the Photobooth program in Mac OS X.

More Ichat Effects  v.2.0.4

MoreIchatEffects is a collection of 56 effects for iChat and Photobooth.

Sparkbooth  v.3.8.16

Instant photo booth for your special event. With just a computer and webcam, Sparkbooth makes it easy to create a dynamic party experience. Make DIY photo booth area for you and your guests have a blast taking photos and creating memorable keepsakes

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